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Online Gifts And Flowers Delivery 


Flowers are always a treat, and yet you can give them to anyone at any time in any place. Flowers are wonderful for children, men and women, and can be given on a whim, as a surprise, or on an occasion such as an anniversary, the eve of a wedding, as a romantic gesture, as a message of sympathy and thought, as a way of saying ‘get well soon’, or as a way of saying ‘congratulations’. In short, flowers say it all.

It’s often the little gifts and bouquets of flowers which people love to receive more as they convey thought, consideration, love and kindness. Gifts such as chocolates, balloons, and customised soft toys are a wonderful way of saying thank you to someone or as a means of welcoming a child into the world.

If you’re looking for an outlet from which to buy gifts and flowers then why not turn to Viki Flowers? With us you will find online gifts and flowers delivery. Everything we offer is of quality and is available at a good price, with varying prices to suit every budget. At Viki Flowers you can find something for anyone and something for every occasion.


The Finest Cheap Flowers in Middlesex 


Would you like to fill your home with fresh flowers? You don’t need to flock to the nearest florist when you can simply order flowers online and have them posted to you directly.

As with vegetables and fruit, it’s best to buy flowers that are in season. Flowers that are in season will be cheaper and will last longer than exported flowers. Buy fresh, buy local, and buy with the seasons, and you’ll have a bouquet of the finest cheap flowers that will reward you with a wonderful scent and long vase life.

If you’re ordering flowers for a special occasion it’s worth ordering them early as this will give the flowers a day to open. The aroma and colour you get from a fresh bouquet of flowers is unlike anything else, and with Viki Flowers, you can order what you want in just a few clicks before preparing your vase and waiting for your flowers to arrive.

Viki Flowers is an online florist, offering a wide selection of some of the best quality flower arrangements online, from romantic bouquets to sympathy tributes, you can find the finest cheap flowers online with us. Something for everyone and for every occasion.


Online Gifts & Flower Delivery 

Shopping online for a special occasion? Perhaps you’re shopping for a very special someone?


Viki Flowers is an online florist, offering a wide selection of some of the best quality flower arrangements online as well as some exciting occasion-led gifts. You can shop with the seasons, choose a selection you know your recipient would like, or you can shop for yourself and find yourself something to suit your mood - such is the range we have on offer. There’s something for everyone; a colour, scent, display and bloom to suit anyone on any occasion.


At our online gifts and flower delivery outlet you can choose from a range of soft toys, balloons, chocolates and flowers and you can choose by the theme of occasion, including anniversary, birthday, a thank you or a get well soon, or if you’re just making a stab at a romantic gesture. Everything you need is under one roof for you to choose and customise to suit your budget and your requirements.


Choose what you need in the way of flowers and gifts. At Viki Flowers you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Find Affordable Flower Arrangement Pieces Online


Do you want a gorgeous flower arrangement without spending a fortune?


Flowers, especially sought-after blooms such as lilies, can make for one expensive flower arrangement. When you’re looking to find affordable flower arrangement pieces online you need to be flexible, you should buy flowers in season, and you can choose to use fewer expensive stems, instead padding out a bouquet with greenery and attractive foliage.


Of course, if you’re buying flowers as a gift, you want to buy an arrangement that you know the recipient will like. However, if you stick to the following while buying online it should help you to find a more affordable flower arrangement:


·     Don’t get preoccupied by a particular type of flower. Weather, time of year, pests, and popular demand for a particular type of flower can all up the price. Be flexible with the main flower you choose for the flower arrangement

·      Stick to the seasons. Some flowers, such as carnations, can be inexpensive all year round but it pays to buy flowers in season as you’ll ultimately get the best price value from your flowers

·      Buy as locally as you can. If you’re buying online, try and find an outlet that operates locally as this reduces transportation time and costs. The flowers should also arrive fresher and more quickly


If you’re looking to buy affordable flower arrangement pieces online, Viki Flowers offers a personal service for anyone who wants quality blooms at great value for money prices.


Flower Delivery Services in Kingston upon Thames

There are some occasions when a personalised card just doesn’t do enough or go far enough. For men and women alike, a floral gift is a winning gift; a gift that’s wonderful to receive.


Are you looking for a dependable flower delivery service? For this service in Kingston upon Thames Viki Flowers operates an easy-to-order delivery service, offering a wide selection of floral gifts to customers online. Whether you’re looking to make a romantic, seductive statement or give a floral bouquet as a ‘welcome to your new home’ gesture, the team at Viki Flowers can provide a floral bouquet for whatever you need to say.


Flowers are the ideal gift for any occasion. It’s the ideal gift to say ‘thank you’, the ideal way to say ‘many congratulations’, and an expressive way of saying to someone that you care.


When you buy flowers online with Viki Flowers you can relax in the knowledge that your flowers can be delivered as and when you need them to be, and you can assure they’ll be well-cared for on route. Our flower delivery services can provide you with the flowers you want when you need them. Viki Flowers delivers direct throughout the UK and to local customers in Middlesex, Staines upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames.


Cheap Flowers UK

Autumn is well and truly upon us, the nights are drawing in and we’re starting to feel the cold for the first time in months. It’s the time of year when we feel like we want to brighten our lives and bring a little warmth into the house, and what better way of doing it (other than by turning on the central heating of course) than to bring flowers into our homes?

There’s nothing quite like a seasonal bunch of blooms to banish the autumn blues, and if you’re looking for flowers online you can’t go far wrong with Viki Flowers. From our bouquet of the week to our selection of luxury floral bouquets and our featured floral bouquets, a range of choice awaits you. We have cheap flowers which still stand for quality and we have luxurious bouquets for those who want a wonderfully extravagant bouquet. We can cater to you and your budget. Viki Flowers delivers direct throughout the UK and to local customers in Middlesex, Staines upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames.

Whether you want a bouquet of white roses or a full-onslaught of colour and variety, when you go with Viki Flowers you get choice, quality and economy.

Online Gifts and Flower Delivery 

What’s the best way of saying ‘many congratulations’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ or ‘I hope you get well soon’ or ‘I’m not too sure what I’ve done but I’m sorry anyway’ without actually saying it? With flowers, of course.


The right bunch of flowers can really do all the talking for you. All you need is the right outlet from which to buy them.


Viki Flowers operates an online gifts and flower delivery service to customers across the UK, with a vast selection of gifts and floral bouquets on offer. Whether you’re looking for flowers, chocolates, balloons or soft toys, whatever the occasion, we have the gift for you.


The soft toys are ideal as a gift at a children’s birthday party, while the balloons are themed and can deliver the right message for the occasion, the chocolates could be the perfect gift for that special someone, and the flowers can say whatever it is you want them to say.


There’s nothing like being the recipient of a beautiful, fresh bouquet of flowers. Flowers are the ultimate gift.


New Baby Flower Arrangements 

What better way to celebrate a new addition to the world than with a fresh, wonderfully-scented and colourful gift of flowers? Perhaps a member of your family or a friend has recently given birth and you’d like to mark the occasion with an offering that says ‘many congratulations’? Nothing says it better than a bouquet of flowers.


It’s natural to mark the arrival of a newborn in your family or a friend’s new baby by sending a bunch of flowers. After all, it’s a symbol and celebration of new life. New baby flower arrangements are a gift that all the family will be able to enjoy during this special time.


If it’s a new baby flower arrangement for a boy, why not stick with convention and take the blue for a boy route with this ‘It’s A Boy’ gift from Viki Flowers? We don’t just offer floral bouquets. At Viki Flowers you can request a themed balloon or a fluffy soft toy to go with your order for a more complete gift.


Choose from a selection of softer pastel shades in pinks and yellows for a quieter look or stronger reds from a mixture of classic roses. With flowers, it’s hard to go wrong.


Send Balloons and Flowers Across the UK


If you’re in need of some flower power, whether as a gift for yourself or someone else, don’t go to the local supermarket or petrol station. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a friend’s birthday or because you’re in the doghouse, get the best of the bunch with bouquets from Viki Flowers.


With ordering online from Viki Flowers, spontaneous romantics can rely on a quick delivery as well as the option of adding balloons to their bouquet.  We’re the ideal outlet if you want to send balloons and flowers across the UK.


We offer freshness and we offer variety. From delicate, neat bouquets to large, ornate arrangements, Viki Flowers can provide you with balloons and flowers for those on a budget and for those who want to splash out on a grand gift for a very special someone.


For those looking to woo, we offer a red balloon that reads ‘I Love You’ as well as themed balloons for major events, such as the birth of a baby. Simply choose your perfect posy then browse the balloons section and add your choice of balloon to your order. Easy.




Florist Online Delivery UK
Many of life’s dramas and big events are brought to the florist’s door. Floral bouquets hail the arrival of babies, commemorate the dead, congratulate the individual with the new job, decorate the bride and her bridesmaids, comfort the bed-ridden, and pull even the best of men out of a hole. There’s generally a story behind every bouquet which is bought, unless you’re buying a bouquet to liven up the look of your living room.

A bouquet delights and pleases the senses, lifts our spirits and gives us something to enjoy. The important thing to do when buying flowers is to run with the seasons. It not only ensures longer vase life, but you’ll be paying less for a more. This means that either you or your happy recipient will be able to enjoy the look and fragrance of a bunch of flowers for a longer period of time.

For florist online delivery, at Viki Flowers you can order your floral bouquet quickly and easily, and we deliver to any UK address. Based in Middlesex, we routinely supply flowers by post and send flowers online to customers across the country.

Brighten up your life or someone else’s in the most fragrant way possible, with flowers.



Buying Flowers Online


From the traditional flower shop to the traditional online flower shop, you can now treat a friend to the ultimate gift or decorate your home with seasonal blooms just by a few clicks of a button. Finding the ideal bunch of blooms for either yourself or an acquaintance is now a simple and speedy process, especially if buying flowers online with Viki Flowers. Our comprehensive search options allow you to search by occasion, gift type, luxury flowers and bouquets of the week.



If you want to spoil a friend or colleague, or perhaps just cheer yourself up, then buying flowers online provides a means for you to have extensive choice and varying price options to suit your budget.



At Viki Flowers our fresh flower bouquets and floral arrangements are made by our talented florists. A new baby, a new job, a 50th wedding anniversary, a get well gesture, a thank you gift to a colleague - there are so many reasons to buy flowers, and so many reasons to buying flowers online. Convenience is a key reason, and we offer that at Viki Flowers. After a decision and a few clicks, your flowers will be delivered directly to the address of your choosing. Delivery options are available, but we deliver to every UK address and we can offer guaranteed next day delivery or delivery within 1-2 days. 


Birthday Flowers For That Special Someone


Just what is the best way of saying ‘you’re a special someone, and with this gift I wish you many happy returns of the day?’


Try a bouquet of flowers.


Receiving flowers on any day of the year is a pleasant surprise, but if you’re sending flowers to a special someone on their birthday then that gesture will make for an extra special day. Birthday flowers delivered to someone’s home or place of work will not fail to bring a smile and a ‘oh wow’ to the lips of the recipient, especially if you’ve chosen your bouquet with thought. Which are their favourite flowers? Of the current seasonal flowers, what do they like? What colours do they prefer?


It doesn’t need to be a landmark birthday or the so-called ‘milestone’ birthday so dreaded by those in their 29th year, any birthday in a person’s life is special and special occasions call for a bunch of fresh and beautiful flowers.


But where can you buy birthday flowers for that special someone?


Look to Viki Flowers. We sell birthday flowers online which we can deliver to any UK address, quickly and efficiently. Based in Middlesex, we routinely supply flowers to customers in Staines upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames and across the country. Don’t be a stranger to us if you live further afield.


Brighten up a birthday the best way - with flowers.



Florist Online Delivery UK


Whether you want to add a dash of luxury to your home with a statement-making white lily and green foliage display or you’d like to haul the warmth of summer into your house with an assortment of yellow gerberas and pale orange roses, an online florist delivery service will have the flower arrangement for you. Not only are flowers the perfect gift for yourself, but flowers are the perfect gift for the person who has everything.


Flowers never become tiring, they never go out of date, they never find themselves labelled ‘unfashionable’ and they’ll never not look good in a jug or a vase. The main thing to remember when buying flowers is to run with the seasons. It not only ensures longer vase life, but you’ll be paying less for more.


Are you looking for florist online delivery in the UK? Viki Flowers delivers direct throughout the UK and operates locally to customers in Middlesex, Staines upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames. Buy the person who has everything a floral gift that they don’t have, or why not dress up your home with a beautiful bouquet from Viki Flowers? A gift is just a gift unless it comes from Viki Flowers.



Arranging flowers by post for your loved one


Arranging flowers by post for your loved ones will always be a welcome gesture and we all know how exciting and uplifting it is to have a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to your door. You don’t even need a particular occasion to surprise someone with a floral gesture – a purchase on a whim and a funny phrase on a personalised note makes it all the more special as it lets your loved one know that you’re thinking about them.


So what type of bouquet would suit your loved one? Are they a straightforward lover of daisies, a sophisticate who’d prefer a selection of all-white roses, a romantic with a penchant for anything red, or is a handful of blue wild flowers more their thing?


If you arrange your floral delivery through Viki Flowers then you’re in for a treat. Our extensive selection of bouquets allows us to be able to provide something to suit every personality and every floral preference. All our bouquets are constructed of the freshest, finest seasonal flowers, prepared by hand, wrapped elegantly and delivered to the location of your choice.


Do your flowers need to be sent to an address in Middlesex, Staines upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames, or indeed anywhere in the UK? Our delivery is free on all UK orders.



Flowers by Post


Flowers are the ultimate gift for a loved one, regardless of their age or gender. Flowers are universally loved and well-received by all. In short, they’re a great gift for anyone, and for yourself for that matter. So why not treat that special someone (or yourself of course) to a fresh, exquisite bunch of flowers, arranged by hand, carefully packaged, and delivered directly to your door.


Viki Flowers is the go-to florist to send flowers by post. We supply nothing but the highest quality flowers and nothing but the freshest flowers and buds, both of which ensures maximum vase life and maximum appreciation from the recipient. Our bouquets are unique and our range of floral gifts can meet any occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or funeral.


Tailor your gift to fit your requirement and budget by choosing from our choice of small, medium or large bouquets. Not only do we offer an excellent price for your floral gift but we also deliver throughout the UK from our base in Middlesex. All prices are quoted when you order your flowers online.



Sending Flowers Online in the UK


Are you looking to purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers but other commitments dictate that you can’t make it round to the flower shop in time? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


Viki Flowers is the definitive online florist, stocking a select range of hand-designed bouquets made of only the freshest flowers. We guarantee high quality flowers at great value for money, purchased easily online and delivered right to your door. Why look elsewhere anyway?


We cater for any occasion and specialise in creating spectacular flower arrangements for you to buy online. Our bouquets come with a choice of size – small, medium or large – so we can tailor your gift to your budget and requirements. Whatever your temptation and whatever flowers you’d like in your bouquet, we can provide for all tastes and occasions.


We send flowers to the whole of the UK as well as locally across Middlesex, Staines Upon Thames and Kingston Upon Thames. Flowers will be delivered within 1-2 working days and we offer FREE delivery by 1st class mail. To see the types of floral gifts we offer or for more details regarding our online services, visit our website here.