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How to make your floral arrangement last for longer

There is nothing nicer than receiving flowers by post from a loved one. To ensure that your flower bouquets give you maximum pleasure and enjoyment, here are some tips from the ladies at Viki Flowers

  • Keep the water clear of debris. Leaves and petals left floating in a vase will lead to rot and bacteria build-up which will not only kill your blooms faster but also lead to nasty smells. By the same token, it is usually a good idea to remove any leaves from the stem that will sit below the water line as these take energy and water away from the flower and will eventually lead to rotting.
  • Feed your arrangement with floral life extender. Adding the contents of the sachet that came with your flowers is always a good idea - usually this consists of sugar, which has a preserving effect by keeping bacteria in the water at bay. You can also add some crushed aspirin to the water as this also seems to prolong the life of floral arrangements. Specialist florist food can also be purchased from a reputable outlet. This should be thoroughly dissolved into water before being added to the vase. Ideally, avoid pouring water directly onto your arrangement as this lead to rotting and petal discolouration.
  • Remove dead foliage and regularly re-cut stems. To extend the life of your internet flowers, you should also regularly trim off an inch or so from the bottom of the stems, which may get soft. Think of the stem as a straw: your flower needs to drink regularly but needs a firm, unblocked vessel through which to do so. Cut, using a sharp knife or pair of scissors at a diagonal angle as this will help to ensure maximum liquid absorption. Squashing or mashing the end swill not help keep your flowers fresh.
  • Place your vase in a cool area. The majority of fresh flowers delivered from a florist don’t last very well in hot, dry environments, as they will quickly dehydrate, leading to drooping, wrinkling or wilting. So when deciding where to put your floral arrangement, consider the position of the sun, as well as heating vents, air-conditioners and radiators. Most flowers prefer to be placed out of direct sunlight, away from drafts, which can cause their petals to fall off, and away from ripening fruit, which release chemicals into the air that can lead to premature dying.

Following the above directions will help to make your flower delivery last as long as possible.